Biotech Job Descriptions in R&D 

Research & Development

A glasswasher is responsible for washing and drying glassware and distributing it to appropriate locations within the laboratories. He or she maintains the glass-washing facility, keeping it clean and swept, and picks up dirty glassware. He or she may sterilize glassware and other items using an autoclave. A glasswasher performs routine maintenance of glass-washing equipment and performs other related duties as required. A glasswasher position requires a high school diploma or equivalent and a minimum of 0 to 2 years' laboratory experience.Laboratory Assistant
Laboratory assistants are responsible for performing a wide variety of research laboratory tasks and experiments, making detailed observations, analyzing data, and interpreting results. He or she maintains laboratory equipment and inventory levels for laboratory supplies. He or she may also write reports, summaries, and protocols regarding experiments. A laboratory assistant also performs limited troubleshooting and calibration of instruments. An entry-level laboratory assistant position requires at minimum an associate degree in a science and 0 to 2 years' laboratory experience.

Research Associate
A research associate is responsible for research and development in collaboration with others on projects. He or she makes detailed observations, analyzes data, and interprets results. Research associates prepare technical reports, summaries, protocols, and quantitative analyses. An incumbent maintains familiarity with current scientific literature and contributes to the process of a project within his or her scientific discipline, as well as investigating, creating, and developing new ethods and technologies for project advancement. He or she may also be responsible for identifying patentable inventions and acting as principal investigator in conducting his or her own experiments. A research associate may also be asked to participate in scientific conferences and contribute to scientific journals.

Research Assistant
The job description for a research assistant is similar to that of a research associate. At the entry level, the job can require a bachelor of science or advanced degree in a scientific discipline or equivalent, with little or no related experience.Postdoctoral Fellow
The postdoctoral fellow, with a Ph.D. but little or no job experience, joins the staff for a maximum of two to three years to gain necessary experience before moving onto a more senior scientist position.

Media Prep Technician
A media prep technician is responsible for media preparation in the research and development area. He or she performs experiments as required and outlined, and develops and maintains record keeping for procedures and experiments performed. A media prep technician entry-level position requires at minimum an associate degree in science and 0 to 2 years' related experience and/or completion of a company's on-the-job training program.Greenhouse Assistant
A greenhouse assistant performs a variety of greenhouse research tasks and experiments. He or she may be required to make detailed observations, detecting horticultural or pest problems, and instituting corrective action. Greenhouse assistants determine optimal cultural requirements and perform tasks related to disease and pest prevention; they often are required to collect, record, and analyze data, as well as interpret results. In addition, a greenhouse assistant may be called upon to perform troubleshooting and equipment maintenance. An entry-level greenhouse assistant position requires a high school diploma, an associate degree or equivalent, and a minimum of 0 to 2 years' relevant greenhouse/ plant experience.

Plant Breeder
A plant breeder is responsible for the design, development, execution, and implementation of plant breeding research projects in collaboration with a larger research team. He or she may be responsible for project planning and personnel management within the project. Plant breeders may use exotic germ plasm and work with various mating systems and integrate them with biotechnology as needed to enhance selection methods and accelerate product development.A plant breeder's diverse responsibilities can include making contributions to and developing good public relations with scientific and other professional communities. He or she may also act as an adviser to company management about long-range goals for a plant breeding department. He or she may participate in the development of patents or proposals and assist with the management and development of a plant breeding group.A plant breeder entry-level position requires a bachelor of science degree or equivalent. A minimum of 0 to 2 years of plant breeding or agronomical experience and/or training in plant breeding or plant science is also required. 

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